The fine folks over at YouTube sent us a list of partners that they think will be the next breakout stars in 2011.

Looking at their subscriber growth and overall views, YouTube thinks these up-and-coming partners certainly have the potential to join the top YouTubers making six-figures a year.

We talked to YouTube and the partners on the list to find out why these guys (and gal) are poised for a breakout year. We also ranked each of them on who’s more likely to make a viral statement this year.

So, without further ado, here are your next favorite YouTube stars.

8. Anthony Persaud

What he does: Instructional salsa dance videos

Why apersaud will breakout: People’s obsession with reality TV dance shows like Dancing With The Stars has carried over to the web. Persaud’s videos teach aspiring dancers of all levels how to salsa, and judging by his channel’s subscriber growth rate and viewership, people want to learn.

Learn to Dance Salsa: Basic Steps for Beginners

7. Robert Homayoon

What he does: How-to videos of niche interests and hobbies like origami folding and solving Rubik’s cubes

Why RobH0629 will breakout: “No one else really does what he does,” says a YouTube spokesperson. His subscriber growth has shot up in the past three months, and he’s also expanding his lessons to juggling, pool, and chess.

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