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We just finished reading a fantastic interview with Bill Gates from 1994 that Playboy recently posted.

At the time, Gates and Microsoft were on the cusp of reaching their absolute apex of power. The Internet wasn’t huge yet, and Gates’ wealth was still mind boggling.

We’ve culled through the interview and pulled out our 15 favorite quotes.

Bill Gates correctly predicted Netflix

Speaking about how people could use the Internet in the future, Gates pretty much predicted Amazon and Netflix: “Say you want to watch a movie. To choose, you’ll want to know what movies others liked and, based on what you thought of other movies you’ve seen, if this is a movie you’d like. You’ll be able to browse that information. Then you select and get video on demand. Afterward, you can even share what you thought of the movie.”

He also saw Facebook coming

Here Gates talks about the changing social dynamic brought on by the Internet: “The way we find information and make decisions will be changed. Think about how you find people with common interests, how you pick a doctor, how you decide what book to read. Right now it’s hard to reach out to a broad range of people. You are tied into the physical community near you. But in the new environment, because of how information is stored and accessed, that community will expand. This tool will be empowering, the infrastructure will be built quickly and the impact will be broad.”

He also called the iPhone!

Gates was predicting the touch screen phone that sounds a lot like an iPhone: “And a generation of screen phones [a standard phone with a minicomputer] in which the typically cryptic buttons are replaced with a graphics interface.”

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